So this is the end...

by azyzl

...of the hiatus! 


While I don't want to go as far as promise a weekly page (god, I'm dashing hopes already), this does mean that I've started to put real time into ACS again. I can't believe that it's been over a year since I posted the last group of pages.... it's embarassing, really. But in any case, with new pages comes a few changes to the site and whatnot.


First off, ACS now has a snazzy Twitter account that autoupdates when a new page comes out. I don't know if you guys are that big into Twitter, but I'm following a few webcomic accounts myself and find it pretty useful (especially for the sporatically-updating ones *cough*).

Secondly, I've added (hopefully properly this time) Disqus to the pages and blog...  Very honestly, I added it mostly because I already have it on my blog, it's universal, I've been too lazy to fiddle with the Comicfury comment system, which went wonky after I had customized the site way back when, ect ect. However, I've been told that some of you guys prefer the Comicfury comment system, and since you guys use it far more than I do (and I'll have to say, the comments always make me so happy!), I'll have both for the time being. It gives me incentive to fiddle with the comment code too, so we'll see what'll happen there.

Thirdly, there may be a few cosmetic updates and whatnot that I'll be putting up as I have the time, and I really want to put out some more ACS-related art that isn't pages... but we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves just yet. Pages come first.


But yeah, there you go! Here's to many more, semi-regular updates!

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