Page 39 + Some Summertime News

by azyzl

A little early, I know, but I'm pretty sure no one's going to really complain about that :P The early-ness is exclusively to avoid doing an final assignment for my macroeconomics class... It's supposed to be intro level, but this assignment just feels so overwhelming! It doesn't help that I don't really know what I'm doing in this godforsaken class... aaargh! In any case, I'll spare you guys from any further class ranting. The good news, though, is that school officially lets out for summer this Thursday and I can't wait!

This means that I'll have a lot of time on my hands to (hopefully) apply to making more comic pages. We are nearing (kinda) the end of the first chapter (it ends at an even 60 pages), which is pretty awesome because I never thought I would get this far... I usually have very little patience for these kinds of things, but there's something about the A Celestial Story universe that has pushed me to continue; there's a pretty good story going on there, and I love the culture of the Uries, the Celestials, the wyverns and all the sides that play a part in the story. On that note, I've started making info pages on various characters and, more interestingly, on the different species that inhabit the world. So be sure to look forward to that.

Also, because I hope to have more time during the summer, hopefully I can start posting two pages a week! Shoot sooooon! I've wanted to post twice a week for a while (especially since I'm buffered up to page 52) but I'm worried that I won't be able to keep the pace. So we shall see. It really depends on how many/ how quickly I can make pages, and how much buffer I can rack up. But we shall see, no?

As for page 39... our dear friend Clinktac goes after the Celestial as he's told... but can he really go through with Yucrotic's demands?

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