Well then...

by azyzl

If you haven't noticed, I didn't post a new page last Wednesday. I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately... I have like 5 pages in the sketch stage, but I just can't get myself to go on to the next stage. That and I've been doing a lot on the scipt/storyline end, making sure that the story will work plausibly toward the end I've planned, as well as making sure that certain characters are portayed properly (the Celestial, for instance, is kind of one-sided at the moment, and I well aware of it). So for a while, instead of comic pages, you'll get a few pages of sketches I dug up. When I do get new pages done, I'll post however many I missed (so if I go without pages for 2 weeks, you'll get 2 pages and then the week's actual page... you know?). But yeah, so you know.

These sketches are one of the oldest ACS sketches I could find, back when I was figuring out species and sizes and whatnot. 

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